Multnomah County is seeking reports from county residents and businesses that experience property damage from the storm that hit the county on December 7-9, 2015. Oregon counties are totaling up property damage reports from the storm to determine the state's eligibility to request a presidential disaster declaration that could make local governments and individuals eligible for federal assistance.

Multnomah County residents and businesses may file reports online at the following links:

Click Here for Individuals                    Click here for Businesses

Residents in the City of Gresham may report damage online via MyGresham. To reduce duplication of reports, Gresham residents should submit a single report through either the county or their city.

The simple questionnaire collects contact information, damage type and cost estimate, type of insurance coverage, and building type. Reports need to be submitted by December 27, 2015.

Reports can be filed by any Multnomah County resident or business that experienced property damage during the storm, such as basement flooding or landslide damage.

Oregon counties will report to the state on damage assessments for private property as well as public property. If damages in Multnomah County meet the required threshold of cost per capita, federal assistance may be available to offset eligible repair costs. If federal funding is granted, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will manage the allocation process.

Individuals should keep photos, repair receipts and other documents related to property damage. These will be helpful if federal funding becomes available to individuals.