Note: Please submit any community presentation or emergency preparedness supply requests through the "Emergency Management Presentations and Materials Request Form" (this form can also be found on the side bar).

The Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management (MCEM) coordinates training and exercise opportunities designed to increase disaster resilience and response readiness across the County in preparation for potential emergency situations. Training and exercise opportunities bring together local, state, and Federal governments, public safety/first responders, non-profit and volunteer organizations, and the private sector. By validating emergency plans and procedures, stakeholders are able to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Training and exercise opportunities based on identified gaps prepare personnel to respond effectively to and recover quickly from real world incidents.

County FY'22-FY'24 Emergency Management Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP)

Disaster Resource Center (DRC)/Shelter Training Resources

External Training Resources

    Training Calendars

    MCEM-Instructed Course Offerings (In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid)

    • Disaster/Emergency Service Worker teams
    • Emergency Operations Center / Deployment-Assignment Basics
    • Continuity of Operations, Continuity of Government, and Emergency Operations
    • After Action Process (Standard Operating Procedure)
    • Emergency Support Function (ESF) workshops
    • Incident Action Plans - ICS Forms
    • Alert and Warning - systems
    • Everbridge administration and operational best practices
    • Incident Command System (ICS) courses:
      • ICS 2200 Basic Emergency Operations Functions
      • ICS 2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions
      • ICS 300 Intermediate ICS for expanding incidents
      • ICS 400 Advanced ICS Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents  

    MCEM works with agencies and organizations to schedule these trainings on a regular basis. If you would like to discuss options for arranging one of these courses for your group, please email: or call 503-988-6552 (desk) or 971-563-3051 (mobile). 

    Exercise Opportunity Information, Resources, & Assistance Needs

    The Office of Emergency Management regularly hosts exercise events with community partners to test the effectiveness of written plans and/or procedures, build awareness of written plans and/or procedures, and build relationship with partners. Upcoming exercise events can be found on the Emergency Management Events Calendar.

    Need Assistance with Exercises? The MCEM is available to provide exercise development and facilitation assistance to county departments/divisions, private industry organizations, and non-profit organizations - reach out to the Training & Exercise Specialist for additional information. Additional exercise information, documentation, and guidance can be found below:

    Long-Term Care Resilience Exercise Guide

    In November 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released its Long-Term Community Resilience Exercise Resource Guide: Designing Whole Community Exercises to Prepare for the Effects of a Changing Climate. The Guide equips users with:

    • A dictionary with common terms to ensure a shared understanding of climate-related terminology and principles before an exercise.
    • Tools and templates for planning and conducting climate-focused exercises.
    • Resources including funding opportunities, risk assessments and training programs.