Picture of Gail Zuro
Gail Zuro
Gail Zuro

Logistics Division Program Supervisor

Cell: 971-349-3373

Email: gail.zuro@multco.us

Gail joined the County as Logs Lead in July 2020, and accepted the Logistics Division Program Supervisor position in October 2021.

Before coming to the County, Gail had 15 years of experience with a high tech company in Hillsboro as Senior Program Manager (including Environmental Compliance and Reverse Logistics) and Director of Customer Service.  She also served as manager of the Medical Emergency Response Team.

Gail hails from the Midwest, growing up outside Chicago and graduating from the University of Wisconsin.  She is a lifelong Cubs fan and is devoted to the Badgers.  In her spare time she volunteers with the Hollywood Theatre, Team Rubicon and serves as Team Co-Lead for a Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team.