When wildfires strike, Oregonian grieve the loss of lives, homes and landscape. And, many ask: How can I help?

Red Cross staff and volunteers are operating a shelter at the Oregon Convention Center during the September 2020 wildfires.

To Give

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management recommends that people contribute cash donations to reputable disaster agencies, allowing staff to purchase exactly what is needed, when it’s needed. 

For a complete list of non-profit organizations accepting donations that currently work in disaster relief, visit Oregon Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster and consider donating to the active work of: 

To Help

Anyone interested in volunteering can do so through the American Red Cross. The Red Cross is operating shelters in Multnomah County and other Oregon communities for people who have been evacuated from the fire zones in neighboring counties. 

To sign up and for just-in-time training: visit the Red Cross or call 1-800-Red Cross.

To support

Call or text your neighbors to see if they are okay and have the supplies they need, such as medications, food and water. People can contact 211-info if they have questions about resources.