Picture of Pilar MontejoPilar Montejo

Emergency Management Senior Program Manager and Analyst

Culturally-Specific Community Engagement

Email: pilar.montejo@multco.us

Pilar joined Multnomah County in October 2018 as a disaster resilience advocate in Emergency Management. Her current focus, as a project manager, is culturally-specific community engagement, training and development in disaster resilience, and community building. 

She has led the disaster resilience advocate team and has been an active member of the Emergency Operations Center for the COVID-19 Response.  She has worked very closely, as a liaison, with community-based organizations and engaging with various communities including Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC), Immigrants and Refugees, and people experiencing barriers to services. 

Pilar has extensive business experience in project management, intercultural communications, and organizational development. She has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Organizational Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Training and Development.