smokey sky in Portland

Breathing in smoke can cause health problems for sensitive groups and healthy adults.

When wildfires burn, winds can push smoke into populated areas. Wildfire smoke is full of different pollutants, including particulate matter and carbon monoxide. We also see high ozone levels.

Wildfires in the Northwest have increased since the 1980s. Scientists attribute this to human-caused climate change. This means more bad air days from wildfire smoke in Multnomah County.

Track Air Quality & Fires

Prepare for a Smoke Event 

  1. Make a plan to keep wildfire smoke out of your home. Clean or replace air filters if you have AC or an air cleaner.
  2. Learn about masks
  3. Have a several day supply of medications, and groceries that don’t require cooking
  4. Make a plan in case you need to evacuate

More Information

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