Multnomah County's Central Courthouse in downtown Portland
Multnomah County's Central Courthouse in downtown Portland
Why is Multnomah County disposing of the Central Courthouse?

The original Courthouse (at SW 4th Ave. and SW Main St.) is being replaced by the new Central Courthouse that will open in 2020 at SW 1st Ave. and SW Madison St. The new courthouse will include all the functions and offices that the old courthouse has.

Since the County will have no use for the old Courthouse after the new one opens, it wants to sell the property. The sale proceeds may be used to reduce the county’s debt.

What is the value of the property?

The assessed market value of the Central Courthouse is a close to $41 million. The assessed market value is determined by the County Assessor and reflects the properties’ current uses. The values do not take into account future uses of the properties and conversion to other uses.

Will the closing of a sale be scheduled to allow time for the relocation of the Courts staff to their new building?

Yes, the County will negotiate terms with buyers so that County operations can continue at the Courthouse until staff move to the new buildings.

What is the zoning on the property?

Land use zoning for the property is set by the City of Portland. The Central Courthouse is zoned CX - Central Commercial.

Is the Courthouse a historic building and how does that impact its future use?

The Courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places. The future owner of the property would need to follow the legal process established for redeveloping a historic property on the register as well as City of Portland restrictions on demolition and modification of historic buildings.

Disposition Process

How will the County gather public comments on the disposition of the property?

County Commissioners approved the disposition process on April 19, 2018. Members of the public can submit comments on the disposition of the Courthouse with our online comment form through June 18. An open house will be held in early May.

How will the County use public comment received during the comment period when considering a recommended offer for the property?

The Board of County Commissioners will consider public comments before voting on a recommended offer for the property. A summary of public comments will be publicly available before the board votes.