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Get help from qualified mediators negotiating custody and parenting time for children

Due to COVID-19, at this time all mediation sessions are being offered by phone. 

Mediation is free and available to both voluntary and court-ordered parents regarding child custody and parenting time issues in Multnomah County. In a confidential setting, mediators help parents resolve conflicts and reach agreements about custody and parenting time and draft written agreements that you can attach to Court paperwork or present in Court. We do not offer mediation about child support or financial matters.

Concerned about your safety in mediation? Please see resources at the bottom of this page. You may also talk with a mediator about how to use mediation safely.

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Manage your safety and the safety of your children

Moving Forward Video

Going through a breakup, separation or divorce can be more challenging when there are safety concerns for the children and/or parents involved. These concerns may be due to family violence, substance use by a parent, untreated mental health issues, or a parent’s absence.  Multnomah County Family Resolution Services has created a short video that provides some information for these types of situations. The video explains the role of different professionals you might encounter as you go through a family law case so you have a better understanding of what to expect. It also covers how to emotionally support your children and yourself as you go through this process. Watching the video does not fulfill any court requirements, but we hope you find it helpful.