Voya EZ Enrollment Form

EZ Enrollment Form (33.01 KB)

Update/Change/Discontinue Contribution Amount 

Change Beneficiary

Marriage, divorce, death and birth are all events that may change who is listed as your beneficiary.

  • Voya Members>call Voya Customer Service Center 800.584.6001​

Beneficiary Maintenance for Local 88 (279.36 KB)

Beneficiary Form (1.36 MB)

Contribute Final Check Payout of Vacation & Comp Time to Deferred Comp

All members>complete section 1 & 2 of the  Updated Form (60.5 KB)


Catch Up Form (72.5 KB)is used to declare the year you plan to retire and, the three years before that year, increase the amount withheld up to the maximum as defined for that year by the IRS. The amount you are eligible to catch-up, depends on your Multnomah County contribution history.

Unforeseen Emergency Withdrawal

The  Unforeseen Emergencies & Financial Hardship Withdrawals Form (47.5 KB)is used to apply for a hardship withdrawal. To process the request call Voya's Customer Service Center 800.584.6001.

Self-Directed Brokerage Account Form

Self Directed Form (70 KB)