Federal 1040, Schedule A

If you prepare your own tax return, the County tax payment goes on your Federal 1040, Schedule A, line 5 along with any state income tax you paid, either through estimated tax payments or withholding.

Oregon Form 40

Enter any Oregon income tax paid for the tax year(and deducted on Schedule A of the 1040) on line 24 of the Oregon Form 40. Do not enter any of the County income tax that you deducted on your federal return.

Multnomah County MC TR

Your prepayment of the County tax goes on line 9 of the MC TR.

A reminder: as long as your check was mailed on or before December 31, it is a tax deduction for that tax year. The date the check is cashed is immaterial - the County tax system has it postmarked on or before December 31st.

No Receipt: Multnomah County will not issue a receipt if you make a prepayment. Neither the IRS nor Oregon Department of Revenue will send you a receipt for prepayment of taxes. When you pay your property taxes - no receipt is sent.

If you are audited by the IRS on this issue – your cancelled check will serve as a receipt. If the IRS still wants proof of mailing date – contact us through the Website or by calling (503) 988-ITAX and we will print out your record which will indicate a December postmark..