If you haven’t filed your Multnomah County income tax return you should strongly consider doing so. Failure to file and pay your income tax on time can result in penalties from 5-25 percent and interest of 6 percent. If you didn’t file and pay by April 15, 2005, you may file and pay your delinquent Multnomah County income tax using the 2004 Form MC TR 2004 MC TR: Self-Calculating Income Tax Return (334.47 KB) for tax year 2004.

If you did not file your 2003 County income tax return you may file your delinquent 2003 tax return using the 2003 Form MC TR. 2003 MC TR: Personal Income Tax Return (346.86 KB)

If you filed either a 2002, 2003 or 2004 Oregon income tax return with the state of Oregon using a Multnomah County address and failed to file a 2003 or 2004 Multnomah County income tax return, you will be contacted with a request to explain why no Multnomah County return was filed.

If you file late and feel that you have a good explanation for not filing on time – you should write a brief explanation of why you filed late and attach it to your County tax return when you file.