How can this Contract Insurance and Indemnification Manual help you?

  • Explains risk analysis:  Helps you to analyze the potential risks associated with the services or goods being obtained which forms the foundation of your decisions about choosing indemnification and insurance coverage language for your contract or procurement document.
  • Explains insurance coverage:  Explains what the various types of insurance coverage are and when and why you would require them in your contract or procurement document.
  • Helps determine what insurance coverage limits should be required:   Assists you with determining what limits of coverage to require from the contractor in your contract or procurement document.
  • Provides boilerplate for your contract:  Gives you actual indemnification and insurance requirement language that you can insert in your contract or procurement document.
  • Defines risk management and insurance terms:  Defines several risk management and insurance terms that you may come across as you are putting together your contract or procurement document.
  • Shows you how to verify insurance coverage:  Explains what a "Certificate of Insurance" is, why it’s important to ask for one, and how to review it for important pieces of information contained on it.
  • Tells you who to call with questions:  Lets you know who to contact if you have questions regarding your contract or procurement document. We’re here to help!

Supplements to this manual will be issued periodically. They will provide updates on the subjects currently in this manual and add new information that is important for manual users to have.  Risk Management welcomes your suggestions for improvements.  Contact (503) 988-5851.