We will be processing tax returns and depositing checks as they arrive.  If for some reason your check has not cleared your bank within two weeks, please call 503-988-ITAX (4829) as soon as possible to confirm whether we have received and processed your tax return.

If your check was dishonored by the bank, DO NOT send a replacement check.  We will send you a bill for the tax you owe plus any applicable NSF fees. 

Income Tax Refunds

We are processing refunds. You should receive your refund within 6-8 weeks after filing your return.

PERS/Federal Pension Beneficiaries

If you claimed an PERS retirement benefit or federal pension payment as an exemption amount on line 2 of your Multnomah County income tax return and failed to attach a required copy of your Form 1099-R to your return, you will be contacted by letter and asked to send us a copy of your Form 1099-R. We must have this information in order to process your return.