Screencapture of the RLIS Discovery

GIS data for Multnomah County is included in Metro’s Regional Land Information System (RLIS).

RLIS Live delivers more than 100 GIS map layers for the region through online download and web services – available to subscribers anywhere with Internet access.

Geographic Information System data

Geographic Information Systems or GIS data are created and maintained at the Metro Data Resource Center, as well as by other jurisdictions and agencies throughout the region. Metro serves as a clearinghouse for spatial data - providing a "one stop shopping" approach to accessing regional data. These regional data are known as the Regional Land Information System (RLIS).

Data and map layers

RLIS Live contains more than 100 map layers for the region, including:

  • tax lot boundaries and assessor's data
  • streets, including address ranges
  • zoning
  • city and county boundaries
  • census tracts with population and employment data
  • undeveloped lands inventory
  • rivers, watersheds and wetlands.

View a complete list of layers

Much of the data on the RLIS Discovery Site is free. Otherwise, accessing the data is done through RLIS flat fee pricing for RLIS Live subscribers is $480 annually, regardless of number of users. For specific information about subscriptions, call (503) 797-1915