The Multnomah County Health Department’s mission is to assure, promote and protect the health of the people, regardless of circumstance.

The Health Department is the largest safety net medical provider in Oregon for primary care and dental care. The county operates 33 health clinics including 13-school based clinics. Multnomah County works to prevent disease outbreaks, ensure safety and promote the livability of the community.

The county has provided these vital health services to all county residents since 1854.

According to its 2010-2011 annual report, the Health Department:

  • Served more than 71,000 clients with more than 360,000 visits to clinics.
  • Conducted more than 30,000 home visits.
  • Reviewed more than 3,000 communicable disease reports and investigated more than 800 disease cases.
  • Gave more than 25,000 immunizations to school-age children.
  • Inspected more than 12,500 restaurants, care facilities, child care centers and pools.
  • Issued more than 13,000 food handler cards to ensure safe food preparation.
  • Enrolled more than 24,000 children in a fluoride program to prevent dental decay.
  • Conducted more than 1,800 HIV tests at community events.
  • Enlisted peers to help more than 31,000 mothers maintain breastfeeding.