ISpeak Language Preference Cards

Empowering Clients 

Residents who struggle to communicate in English might not know how to ask for help. And many folks don't know they have a right to interpreter from agencies that receive federal money. Clients might find it helpful to carry a card that notifies providers of the need for an interpreter.

It also educates providers who might not be aware of their requirement to offer such services free-of-charge. 

The federal office on Limited English Proficiency provides links to language-preference materials in various formats. We like a handy wallet-size cards that residents can carry with them. The Oregon Health Authority developed cards in 10 languages. We used their templates (thank you, Office of Office of Equity and Inclusion!) to bring simplified two-sided cards to you.  

Here's How

Take these files to your local print shop for professional-quality cards. Or simply make your own! Here's how to print them locally:

  1. Download any of the following two-page PDFs.
  2. Send a single page through the printer to capture one side of the cards.
  3. Flip it over and print the second page on the blank side.
  4. Cut the page along the light-grey lines.

What do you think?

Contact MultCo Global with questions, ideas about how to make these cards better, or just to offer your thoughts.