After years of declining HIV infections in Multnomah County, state and local public health officials in June 2019 announced an increase in new cases.

The recent cases include women and men, both heterosexual and men who have sex with men. The most common risk factor is drug use: methamphetamine in any form or injecting any type of drug. HIV risk groups overlap with those for other infections including syphilis, shigella and hepatitis A.

Officials encourage anyone who uses methamphetamine or injection drugs or who engages in transactional sex to get tested, seek treatment and protect themselves.

Get Tested

Many nonprofit and public clinics provide HIV and STD testing, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay, including:

Protect Yourself

People who inject drugs can get free syringes, other sterile products and safer sex supplies through area syringe exchanges and harm reduction clinics.

People at risk for HIV can also get HIV PrEP, a medication that protects someone from becoming infected with HIV, at the Multnomah County STD Clinic.