kids playing in a fountain
Photo: Meg, Flickr

Some city fountains were designed as art and never intended to serve as sites for public wading, bathing or playing. You can look for signs at fountains you visit for clues as to whether they are okay to play in.

If there is a sign warning you not to get into the water, for your own health and welfare, please heed the warning. If you do use these public places, NEVER drink the water. Be smart, be safe and enjoy!

Regulated Public Facilities

If the water is collected in a tank and recirculated with pumps, these facilities still fall under Oregon’s pool rules. This water must be filtered and sanitized once an hour to comply with pool rules and protect the health of people exposed to it.

Unregulated Public Facilities

The new spray and play fountains with push button activation found in several Portland parks are not regulated under the pool rules because the features use only fresh, potable water that runs directly to the sewer and is not recirculated.