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Climate change is happening in Multnomah County, threatening our access to clean air, clean water and healthy food. The health impacts of hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters will create major public health challenges, especially for our most vulnerable community members. 

In the Portland region, communities of color and low-income communities already experience poorer health and disparities. Climate change will make health disparities worse. Our response to climate change is an opportunity to correct this.

More on the health impacts of climate change (PDF)»

Taking Action to Protect Public Health

Multnomah County Health Department is working with the community to prepare for these changes. Our work includes:

  • Monitoring climate and health data
  • Designing and implementing public health interventions
  • Engaging with community partners on planning efforts

Finding Neighborhoods of Concern

Multnomah County Climate Vulnerability Map»

Where we live affects our health and quality of life. Differences in the distribution of resources and opportunities mean that some neighborhoods may face greater harm from the health impacts of climate change than others.

To help us find neighborhoods of concern, we mapped 20 indicators of health, demographic, economic, and environmental conditions by census tract. This helps us understand health risk and how to design ways to protect neighborhoods from the impacts of climate change.

Planning Resources

Reports and Plans

Climate Action Plan Progress Report 2017 (2.08 MB)
2015 Climate Action Plan (Full Document) (18.11 MB)
Climate Change Preparation Strategy (2.43 MB)
Climate Change Preparation Strategy: Risks and Vulnerabilities Assessment (1.42 MB)
Climate Change Preparation Plan: 2013 (23.58 MB)

Heat Vulnerability

Climate Data & Indicators


Projections & Health Impacts

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