We work to build capacity in communities most affected by inequities to improve health and eliminate disparities, while supporting the Health Department’s community partnership work.

We also partner with community organizations and county agencies to support culturally specific community health work.

Culturally Specific Community Health

Specific communities we support include:

  • Asian
  • Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native (Future Generations Collaborative)
  • Latino/a/x
  • Pacific Islander 
  • Slavic & Eastern European
  • Other immigrant and refugee communities

Multnomah County REACH focuses on African, African American and Black communities.  

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

A CHIP describes the priorities, goals, solutions, and resources for health improvement. Our CHIP was informed by community health assessment findings and community input. It centers the experiences of communities most affected by health disparities and the solutions they recommend.

Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF)

Community-Based Partnerships

Technical assistance, and development of the community health worker (CHW) workforce through training are a few ways we support community-based organizations to build capacity to respond to community priorities.

We also support our public health programs in creating sustainable and meaningful partner strategies between community and government agencies.

Community health worker training»

Popular Education

Popular education is a highly effective strategy for sharing information, building skills and developing leadership. In a health promotion context, popular education helps people analyze the root causes of ill health and create healthier and more just communities.

We do not currently offer popular education workshops.

Popular Education Fact Sheet (21.26 KB)
Popular Education Manual (1.15 MB)

Covid-19 workshop materials»


Roberto Astorga (he/his/us)
Latinx Community Support
971-325-4289, roberto.astorga@multco.us

Brianna Bragg (she/they)
Native American/Alaskan Native Community and Future Generations Collaborative Coordinator
503-568-3109, brianna.bragg@multco.us 

Teresa Campos-Dominguez (she/her/we)
Community Health Worker & Latinx Community Support
503-709-6567, teresa.campos-dominguez@multco.us

Natasha Davy (she/her)
Community Health Improvement Plan Coordinator
503-201-9845, natasha.davy@multco.us

Beth Poteet (she/her), Community Partnerships Coordinator
503-314-3136, beth.poteet@multco.us

Pei-ru Wang, Manager (she/her)
971-322-6450, pei-ru.wang@multco.us