In the last two years, Multnomah County Environmental Health has focused its' policy efforts around healthy housing work, specifically developing strategies for:

  • Creating a rental housing ordinance in the unincorporated areas of Multnomah County, where the county has jurisdiction
  • Statewide asthma legislation that would raise awareness with state policymakers about asthma, its connection to housing and the need for further funding for home visit interventions.

This policy work is based on the 2007 Healthy Homes Summit recommendations from key community stakeholders.

Why did we get involved in policy?

We wanted to improve the health and quality of substandard housing and help sustain programs that improve the public’s health as it relates to where they live. Our policy advocacy goal became shaped around helping children with asthma improve their health by changing rental housing codes and state law that impact healthy living conditions and access to funding to support home-based asthma interventions. Our goal is to reduce inequities by improving living conditions of vulnerable populations, therefore addressing a root cause or social determinant of health.

Policy Toolkits

Empowering Approaches to Healthy Affordable Housing (1.83 MB)
Healthy Homes Policy Toolkit (1.93 MB)
Best Practice for Asthma (2.51 MB)


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