The Community & Adolescent Health program works with schools, community-based organizations, and youth to prevent and reduce the impact of violence in our community. We give people tools to improve the places they live, learn, work, play and worship.

We offer:

  • Education and trainings on violence prevention
  • Funding for violence prevention projects and activities
  • Opportunities to help youth develop social-emotional learning skills

We think that violence is preventable, peace is possible and that we are all part of the change. We imagine safe communities where everyone has healthy relationships and thrives with support.

Our efforts continue the work of the former STRYVE program.

How We Work

Our work is upstream prevention. This means we look at the root causes of violence and work to address them to prevent violence from impacting people in the future.

Root causes of violence include (but are not limited to):

  • Racism
  • Poverty
  • Lack of community cohesion
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of youth involvement

We work with young people (ages 10-24), who are the most impacted by violence in Multnomah County. We support youth-driven activities, projects and events that are done in partnership with trusted adults (teachers, mentors, coaches, etc.)  

Together, youth and adults can make change in their community, build peace, and prevent violence before it starts.

Strategies We Use

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) works to improve the spaces people live, learn, play, work, and worship in. Also known as “placemaking as peacemaking.”

Pride, Peace, Prevention (PPP) centers cultural celebrations to build people’s pride in themselves, bring people together to address conflict, and teach ways to heal and prevent harm.

Project examples:

  • March Against Murder gun violence prevention event
  • Roosevelt High School podcast
  • El Grito Portland Hispanic Heritage Month event
  • Black Joy community events


Want to get involved? These free, online trainings are a great place to start. Contact us for more info.

Understanding Violence as a Public Health Issue

Explore public health approaches to violence prevention, identify root causes of violence and ways to address them. We’ll also cover self-care techniques. Open to any interested community member.

Coaching Youth Into Adults (CYIA)

Coaches and trusted adults will learn to use the Coaching Youth Into Adults curriculum in their work with middle and high school-age sports teams and youth groups. This curriculum aims to build healthy coping skills and behaviors in youth to prevent violence. Open to schools and community organizations.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACES) affect people who commit and experience violence, and can have a big impact on lifelong health. Learn how they affect the youth we serve, and how designing community programs with an understanding of trauma’s impacts can help people heal.

Youth advisory board members pose behind the raffle prize table at the youth summit.

Violence Prevention Advisory Boards

Our advisory boards work to develop violence prevention projects, and are another great way to get involved. Anyone in Multnomah County can join.

Harmonious Neighborhoods Funding Opportunity

We award funding to organizations, schools and businesses who already work with young people to support them in developing a violence prevention project.

Project examples include:

  • Division Midway Alliance neighborhood mural
  • Youth podcast (FLI Social and Gaddis Media Production)
  • Juneteenth event (Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center)

To be considered, your organization must already have:

  • Community buy-in for the project or program
  • Connections to youth
  • A project coordinator or program facilitator
  • A secured location

We will be accepting applications later in 2023.

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