Two packages of COVID-19 self tests

Covid-19 testing can confirm whether you have Covid-19 and inform treatment, if needed. It can help you can take action to keep yourself, your family, co-workers and friends safe.

You should take a Covid-19 test:

  • If you have symptoms
  • If you were recently in close contact with someone who has Covid-19  
  • Whether or not you’ve been vaccinated

When to Test

Make sure to test at the right time.

  • If you have Covid-19 symptoms, test immediately
  • If you don't have symptoms but were exposed, wait at least 5 days after the exposure. It might not work if you test too soon.

If you test negative with a self-test kit, test again in 48 hours.

Both types of Covid-19 tests have very low false positive rates. If you test positive, you most likely have Covid-19.

Where to Get Tested

You can test at home with a Covid-19 self-test kit that you buy at pharmacies and grocery stores. Or you can ask your doctor’s office or clinic if you need a PCR test.

For home tests, use the instructions that came with your test. Check the expiration date before you test. 

If the test is positive, you are not required to report it to a local or state health department. If you let your doctor know they can offer care advice.

Call 211 or 503-988-8939 for help finding testing.

If You're Sick

Stay home and away from others, even if you don’t have Covid-19. What to do if you have Covid-19»

Types of Covid-19 Tests

PCR test — More sensitive. Taken at a clinic or test site and processed at a lab. Results in 1-3 days. Works well for people with or without symptoms. 

At-home test — Not as sensitive but more convenient. Results within 30 minutes. Works best if you have symptoms and is most accurate 2-3 days after you develop symptoms. If you have symptoms and test negative, test again in 48 hours or take a PCR test.

More Information

Covid-19 Testing: What You Need to Know (CDC)