This toolkit helps long-term care, assisted living, adult foster and residential care operators develop and implement a respiratory protection program (RPP) at their facility. An RPP is a written plan specific to your facility that says how you will provide appropriate respiratory protection for staff. 

A respiratory protection program is intended to protect healthcare workers from catching and spreading respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19.

Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit for LTCF (1.62 MB)
Editable Template: Respiratory Protection Program (33.63 KB)


Key Elements 

  1. Identify a respiratory program administrator
  2. Assess hazards in the workplace
  3. Select NIOSH approved respirators
  4. Medical evaluation to ensure staff are safe to wear respirator 
  5. Fit test respirators for a proper seal on the wearer
  6. Ongoing training and education on use of respirators
  7. Program maintenance and evaluation

How to Use the Toolkit

This toolkit contains:

  • Instructions
  • A fillable template to create your own RPP
  • A list of training resources
  • Forms for recordkeeping

When using this toolkit, make sure each sample document includes your facility name and fits with your organization's practice. 

This toolkit is intended to help employers meet the expectations of Oregon OHSA's respirator protection standard. Each employer is responsible for having a written RPP that meets all provisions of this standard.

More Information

CDC List of N95 Manufacturers 
Medical Evaluation and Fit Testing Services (50.02 KB)


Oregon OSHA Consultation Services offers free and confidential help with your respiratory protection program. They can also help with other occupational safety and health requirements. Request a consult, or call 1-800-922-2689