Where can I get an STD test?

When asked for, STD testing is available at most private providers as part of regular medical care, family planning or other exams. Multnomah County Health Department and other agencies throughout the area also offer STD testing»

What are STDs, how do I get them, and what are the symptoms?

There are many STDs one can catch, each with its own symptoms and treatment options. Some STDs are curable (go away completely) while others are only treatable (symptom relief). Find out more about specific STDs»

How can I avoid getting an STD and prevent giving it to others?

While abstinence is the only method to completely avoid getting an STD, there are many ways to reduce your risk and help prevent passing an STD to another. Learn how to prevent STDs»

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HIV & STD Resources

  • Oregon AIDS Hotline, 800.777.2437, 800.499.6940 en Español

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