You will get information on what to do next. That will include: 

  • Continue to isolate until your rash is completely resolved, usually 2-4 weeks from the first day of symptoms.
  • Cover skin lesions as much as you can. For example, wear long sleeves and pants, and bandages over sores on exposed skin. Or gloves over hand sores to reduce contact with others. 
  • Avoid contact with animals, including pets, if possible. 

Stay Healthy If Someone In Your Household Has hMPXV (546.54 KB)

We Can Help

If it's hard for you to isolate, we can help. We can also help make sure that anyone you may have passed this to can get a vaccine to prevent getting the rash or getting a severe infection. We’ll work with you to do this respectfully and confidentially.

Do I Need Treatment?

Immune compromised individuals, pregnant people, children and babies are most at risk for severe illness, and may need treatment. Treatment might also be needed for those with severe symptoms or complications related to the infection. 

Talk with your healthcare provider if you have questions about whether you need treatment.

More Information