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April 26, 2023 | Due to system error, we recently sent automated renewal notices by email that have incorrect billing information. If you received an invoice with a $0 balance, this is incorrect. The annual license renewal fee is still $683.

If you have any questions about your account balance please, contact us at 503-988-4163 or hlth.tobacco.prevention@multco.us

cigarettes for sale in a store display

Since 2016, any business that does retail sales of tobacco, nicotine and vaping products in Multnomah County is required to get a license. This applies to any business that sells these products, including:

  • Convenience stores
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Music venues

Mobile sales of tobacco are prohibited. Violations of any tobacco retail law (federal, state or local) will impact your license and result in fines, penalties or suspension.

This new license was created to increase retailer knowledge and compliance of laws regulating the sale of tobacco and nicotine products. In other states it has helped to reduce youth access to tobacco in our community.


  • You must display the license where customers and staff can easily see it.
  • If your business has multiple locations, you must get a license for each one.
  • The license may not be transferred to someone else (such as to a new owner when you sell your business) or to a different location.

More about these and other requirements:

Tobacco Retail License Ordinance (95.87 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Rules (81.36 KB)

Get a License

Submit an application with your license fee payment. You must submit an application for each business location that you operate. Send or deliver to:

Environmental Health Services
847 NE 19th Ave, Suite 350
Portland OR 97232 (MAP)

You will receive a response within 10 business days after we receive your application. Each licensed tobacco retailer will be subject to at least one unannounced site visit each year.

If you have questions and wish to speak with someone in a language other than English, please call us at 503-988-4163.


Each license is good for one year and must be renewed annually. The renewal date will be printed on the license. We will also inform you when it's time to renew at least 30 days before it expires.

Renew your license by sending us a completed application and license fee.

Application & Renewal Forms

Tobacco Retail License Application (161.54 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application - Español (Spanish) (168.32 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application - Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) (177.07 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application- 中文 (Chinese) (571.05 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application -русский язык (Russian) (175.59 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application - 한국어 (Korean) (241.72 KB)
Tobacco Retail License Application - Af-Soomaali (Somali) (168.87 KB)


$683 per license

Routine Inspections

Inspectors from Multnomah County Health Department will visit your business at least once a year to ensure that it follows the license rules. Inspections are unannounced.

You are required to let inspectors conduct their inspection, or you may face penalties and could have your license suspended or revoked.

Virtual Inspections

Offered using Google Meet (a free app) as an alternative to our unannounced, annual store inspection. Virtual inspections meet the same rule requirement as an in-person inspection. Arrange a virtual inspection for your store»


If an inspector finds you out of compliance with the county’s tobacco retail ordinance, or any state or federal tobacco retail law, you will be subject to fines, penalties or suspension.

  • 1st violation: $500 fine and mandatory training 
  • 2nd violation within 60 months: $500 fine and 30-day license suspension 
  • 3rd violation within 60 months: $750 fine and 90-day license suspension 
  • 4th violation within 60 months: $1,000 fine and license revocation for 2 years

Fees and Penalties (212.34 KB)

Education & Training

You are responsible for making sure your employees follow all tobacco regulations. We offer both online training and in-person training sessions that you can use to train your staff.

If you receive a penalty for a violation an inspector has found at your store, you must complete a training course within 90 days of your store’s first penalty. You can take this as a live webinar or self-paced training.

Training Sessions

  • July 24, 2023, 10:30am-12pm (TBD)
  • October 23, 2023, 10:30am-12pm (TBD)

Self-Paced Training

If you pass, we will mail you your quiz results and certificate within 5 business days. We will tell you if you need to take the quiz again.

Other Languages

담배 소매 허가 교육 (Korean training manual) (2.39 MB)
담배 소매 허가 시험 (Korean quiz)


Tobacco Retail License FAQs»

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Data & Reports

Tobacco Retail License Case Study (565.17 KB)

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