Food Service


Restaurants, bed and breakfasts

Food Carts

Food carts, espresso stands, taco trucks, trailers

Food Cart Pods

For food cart pod operators

Temporary Events

Food and drink stands at events, fairs, concerts, circuses, markets

Food Handler’s Test

For all food service workers. Study and take the test.

Special Processes and HACCP

Smoking and curing meats, pickling, reduced oxygen packaging, sous vide

Other Licenses

Child and Adult Care Facilities

Child care centers, family homes, residential treatment centers


Hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, recreational vehicle parks, mass gatherings, organizational camps

Pools and Spas

Swimming pools, spas, swim beaches, water parks

Tobacco Retail License

All grocers and retailers must get a license to sell tobacco and vaping products

Drinking Water

Water quality concerns, small water systems