January 31, 2022

smiling schoolgirl wearing a mask with other students in the background

This year you have more time to get your child’s vaccines up to date. On April 20, children who are not up to date on vaccinations will be unable to attend in-person school or child care.

If your child is missing vaccines, don’t wait. You should make a vaccine appointment now, as there may be a long wait.

Shots are required by law for all children in schools, preschools and child care facilities. Parents will be sent a letter if their child’s vaccination records are incomplete.

Many kids have fallen behind on required vaccines due the Covid-19 pandemic. Well-child visits may have been postponed or canceled. Medical staffing shortages have also limited pediatric vaccine appointments.  

We hope giving families more time to catch up on vaccines will help children to stay in school.

School immunization requirements»

Vaccines Are Essential

Vaccines keep your child healthy and protected from serious diseases. During Covid-19, it’s still important that your child’s vaccination schedule stay on track.

Clinics and doctor’s offices are taking extra steps to make sure that visits happen safely during Covid-19.

Where to Get Your Child Vaccinated

You can get your child’s shots at their regular health care provider.

If your child doesn’t have a regular health care provider or if you can’t get an appointment, you can get them vaccinated at one of our Catch-up clinics:

Drop in. Call 503-988-8939 for more information. Bring ID and an insurance card, if you have one. You don't need to be a WIC participant. Covid vaccines are also available for 5+. 

Student Health Centers

  • All children ages 5-18 can get vaccinations for no out-of-pocket cost at one of 9 locations
  • We’re located at local high schools, but you don’t need to attend school there to get care
  • We accept all types of insurance and serve the uninsured
  • No appointment necessary

Primary Care Clinics

  • Low or no-cost vaccinations for children, including uninsured
  • Call 503-988-5558 to make a new patient appointment

Get a Letter?

If you receive a letter from school or the Health Department, bring it with you when you take your child to be vaccinated.

Immunizations are one of the best ways to prevent diseases and keep everyone healthy. We hope your child never has to stay home from school or child care.