footprint in the sandMissing Persons Program

To report a missing person, contact local police. The Medical Examiner’s Office does not take missing persons reports. We do provide law enforcement and families of missing persons with the tools to actively and successfully search for missing persons in Oregon.

The state Medical Examiner’s Office partners with the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification to supply leads from DNA analysis, performed at no cost to law enforcement agencies or families of missing persons.

DNA Samples

If the missing person has not been located within 30 days of a report, investigators may try to get a DNA sample of the missing person or from biological family members. They may also try to get diagnostic quality copies of the missing person’s dental records from their dentist and/or orthodontist.

Family reference samples and direct reference samples provide biological material for DNA analysis. When successfully completed, the DNA profiles are entered into a national system (CODIS) that allows federal, state and local crime laboratories and medical examiner’s offices to electronically exchange and compare DNA profiles.

These forms are for law enforcement and families, to be submitted with your DNA sample:

Family Reference Sample Form (294.43 KB)
Direct Reference Sample Form (248.12 KB)

More Information

Contact University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, 800-763-3147, or your local law enforcement.

Unidentified Persons

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office currently has over 40 open, unidentified cases dating back to 1979. All of these cases have been entered into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs). 

Below is a partial list of recognizable unidentified persons found in Multnomah County, their clothing and/or jewelry when available. If you recognize anyone, please contact the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office at 503-251-2402 or Dr. Veronica “Nici” Vance 971-673-8300. You can also contact Dr. Vance to ask about the status of a case, or to get an unidentified person entered into the NamUS database.

For a full list: Search the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) database»

Medical Examiner Case #79-1862
Found September 9, 1979 on the Ak-Wanee Trail one mile east of Multnomah Falls.

Medical Examiner Case #87-1842, NamUs #11003
Found August 2, 1987 in Washington Park near SW Kingston Road.

Medical Examiner Case #93-2533, NamUs #9599
Found September 7, 1993 along the east bank of the Willamette River near Swan Island.

Medical Examiner Case #95-1292, NamUs #9992
Found May 9, 1995 along the west side of the Interstate Bridge in the Columbia River.

Medical Examiner Case #95-2405, NamUs #9995
Found September 4, 1995 in Depot Park near the Sandy River.

Medical Examiner Case #09-0803, NamUs #5319
Unidentified female found in the Willamette River near berth #312. View jewelry in case profile»

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