Access Your Medical Records

Send us this form to request a copy of your own records for yourself. We will send them directly to you.

Access Your Own Medical Record (116.29 KB)

Solicitud de acceso a información de salud protegida (Spanish) (104.54 KB)
请求访问本人受保护健康信息 (Chinese) (212.22 KB)
Запрос о предоставлении доступа к охраняемой информации о состоянии собственного здоровья (Russian) (121.78 KB)
Codsiga Helitaanka Lahaanshaha Macluumaadka Caafimaadka La Ilaaliyo (Somali) (107.53 KB)
Yêu Cầu Quyền Truy Cập Thông Tin Sức Khỏe Được Bảo Vệ của Chính Mình (Vietnamese) (175.3 KB)


You can also use MyChart to view your medical record online»

MyChart available at Community Health Center primary care clinics, HIV Health Services Center, Student Health Centers and the STI Clinic. 

Release Records

Your medical records are private. Send us this form if you want us to release your medical records to another medical provider, or someone other than yourself.

Release of Information Form (84.97 KB)

Autorización para divulgación de información (Spanish) (86.01 KB)
信息披露授权书 (Chinese) (231.89 KB)
Ogolaanshaha Bixinta Macluumaad (Somali) (87.8 KB)
ỦY QUYỀN TIẾT LỘ THÔNG TIN (Vietnamese) (60.98 KB)

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