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All residential rental properties must meet health and safety standards. If you feel there is a public health concern or housing violation in the property where you live, you may file a complaint with your local housing inspector.

If you live in unincorporated Multnomah County, you may file a complaint with Multnomah County Code Enforcement.

Complaints can also be received from:

  • A social service agency
  • Police officer
  • Fire inspector
  • Through the building department for non-permitted work
  • Observance of a significant housing issue by an the inspector
  • Non-payment of taxes

Make a Complaint

Step 1: Find the city you live in

  • Use Portland Maps to search for your address»
  • From the list of properties, click on your address.
  • Look at the jurisdiction line for the city you live in. If there is no city, you live in unincorporated Multnomah County.

Step 2: Contact the housing inspector

  • Unincorporated Multnomah County | 503-988-3464

    An inspector will return your call and come to inspect conditions inside and outside the house, apartment or other rental property. Property owners will be required to remediate code violations or be fined.


If a complaint is received on your property, you will receive a copy of the complaint inspection report with results of the inspection and expectations for remediation.

  • A housing inspector will arrange with the tenant to inspect the property.
  • The inspection will be conducted using the internal and external checklist mentioned above. Housing violations will be noted.
  • The renter and landlord will receive a copy of the inspection report.
  • The landlord will be asked to remediate the violations within 30 days.


Multnomah County Residential Rental Property Code: Chapter 21: Health (774.99 KB)

Helpful Documents

Healthy Homes Handbook (804.23 KB)
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