Immunizations keep everyone healthy. The resources below provide answers to common vaccine questions, including vaccine safety and how vaccines work.

Vaccine Recommendations

Ask your provider for copy of the recommended vaccine schedule. If you have children in school or day care, you can also check this list of school immunization requirements»

COVID-19 Vaccine

See COVID-19 vaccine status updates»

Babies, Children, Teens

Wondering Whether You Should Vaccinate Your Baby? (822.78 KB)
¿Se pregunta si debe vacunar a su bebé? (827.48 KB)

Considering an Alternate Vaccine Schedule? (229.28 KB)
¿Considerando un programa alternativo de vacunación? (227.86 KB)

If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Baby (357.55 KB)
Si decide no vacunar a su bebé... (362.02 KB)

Are You 18 or Younger? (678.81 KB)
¿Usted tiene 18 años o menos? (683.99 KB)

HPV Vaccine Is All About Cancer Prevention (254.68 KB)
La vacuna contra el VPH es todo sobre la prevención del cáncer (265.02 KB)


What Vaccinations Are Recommended Before Pregnancy? (406.91 KB)
¿Qué vacunas se recomiendan antes del embarazo? (406.78 KB)


How Vaccines Work (246.3 KB)
Cómo funcionan las vacunas (245.9 KB)

Tips for Evaluating Immunization Information on the Internet (298.13 KB)
Consejos para evaluar información sobre inmunización en el Internet (302.33 KB)

Immunization Resources (152.5 KB)
Recursos de Inmunización (167.38 KB)

Vaccine mobile app

Vaccine Mobile App

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know is a free mobile app that helps busy parents access vaccine information wherever and whenever they need it. The app covers:

  • Vaccines and the diseases they prevent
  • Vaccine safety topics, including autism, thimerosal and too many vaccines
  • Types of vaccines and how they’re made
  • Recommended immunization schedules for children, teens and adults

Available for iPhone and iPad. Download the app»

Video: Vaccines Save Lives

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