Updated: May 12, 2023

For the first time this year, temperatures are expected to be over 90 degrees for multiple days in the forecast. Health officers are warning that because people are not yet acclimated to summer weather, the early-season heat could lead to more health impacts than the same temperatures would later in the year, and they are advising people to take care when working or playing outside in the midday heat.

Learn about the symptoms of heat illness and how to care of yourself and others during hot weather.

Prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming heat and get summer-ready before it gets too hot. Stock up on fans/air conditioners and sun-blocking curtains, sunscreen and other summer essentials. Now is also a time to make a plan for pets, elders, kids, and those with medical conditions, all of whom are more vulnerable to heat illness.

Hot temperatures with cold, early-season snowmelt will be dangerous for those seeking relief in lakes, rivers and creeks. Be aware of swift currents, cool water temperatures, hidden hazards and uneven bottom surfaces. Learn more about staying safe while swimming here.

Check our interactive map of library branches, pools, community centers and interactive fountains, and make a plan to cool off during hot afternoons. Please note: the Albina, Capitol Hill, Central, Holgate, Midland, and North Portland library branches are currently closed for renovations; click here for an up-to-date list of library locations and hours. Portland’s splash pads and outdoor pools are not yet open for the season. But malls are open, and Lloyd Center is welcoming people to cool off during normal hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Support for vulnerable neighbors

Multnomah County through the Joint Office of Homeless Services on Wednesday, May 9, began working with outreach teams, mutual aid groups and community volunteers to coordinate outreach efforts and bring hot weather gear to people living without shelter across Multnomah County.

As of May 11, the County’s outreach supply center has distributed 43,248 bottles of water, 4,400 packets of sunscreen, 3,080 electrolyte packs, 880 refillable bottles, 880 misting bottles and 660 cooling towels, all of which will be distributed to people who need them.

Dial 2-1-1 to find a cool space nearest you and to learn about transportation options.

Bookmark these links

  • National Weather Service: Check the forecast and plan outdoor activities for the coolest times of day.
  • 211info: Dial 2-1-1 to find a cool space nearest you and to learn about transportation options.
  • Public Alerts: Sign up to receive health and safety alerts in your area.
  • HeatRisk Map: The National Weather Service forecasts heat risk for vulnerable populations.
  • Clackamas County: Find cool spaces in Clackamas County
  • Washington County: Find cool spaces in Washington County