Accounting and Finance Careers  

We are the stewards of public funds. We play a critical role in the county's overall success by making sure employees in every department can focus on supporting the community.    

Some of our positions:

Finance Technician

This entry-level position provides technical support to a finance team, taking care of routine duties with accuracy and efficiency.    

Finance Specialist    

Employees in the Finance Specialist series perform accounting work. Senior level positions perform more advanced accounting, auditing and fiscal management duties and act as technical resources for other fiscal staff.    

Property Appraiser    

“I received a scholarship designed to take emerging leaders from Portland and give them a college education so they can return to their community and give back. I feel like I do that every day with my job. ​A big part of the work I do involves educating homeowners about how our property tax system works. I enjoy interacting with people. I’ve found that most homeowners are interested in learning more.”

Cole W., Property Appraiser

Our Property Appraisers work with residential, commercial and industrial properties for value-based taxation purposes. Employees meet with property owners to explain rights and procedures based on Oregon Department of Revenue rules.
Contract Specialist    

Contract Specialists develop, prepare and monitor new and renewal contracts, intergovernmental agreements and procurement documents in order to meet the business and operational needs of client groups. Employees in this position provide professional consultation and technical assistance to help Multnomah County develop optimum contractual agreements, meeting all county standards and legal requirements.    

Procurement Analyst     

Multnomah County spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on goods and services each year. Public sector Procurement Analysts make sure our purchasing is in compliance with public purchasing standards, which includes a strict code of ethics, and values like sustainability. Senior positions take on more responsibility for complex agreements, independently negotiating and administering legally binding contracts on behalf of Multnomah County to make sure we are getting a good value for the public dollars we spend.    

Budget Analyst    

Employees in this series consult with managers and other customers in the creation and oversight of internal service fund budgets and service rates. Analysts perform monthly forecasting, trend and variance analysis. Specialized financial skills also needed on an ad-hoc and annual basis. Senior positions in this series take on more complex responsibilities, including financial analysis.