Administration and Support Careers    

We are the backbone of Multnomah County operations. From providing general office support and customer service to preparing reports, conducting research and more, we play an essential role in every county program.

"My work matters because people matter. Every day I work to create a positive customer service experience for the people who visit our office. My goal is to assist our customers as efficiently as possible so they can get back to their busy lives."  

Kate M., Assessment & Taxation Technician  

Some of our positions:    

Office Assistant    

Office Assistants provide general office support within a specific work unit. Duties can vary, depending on the assignment. Some examples include reception; customer service; and filing.    

Records Technician    

"I enter data in our system so Juvenile Counselors can determine what is best for the youth and the progress they are making in the various programs they may be assigned to by the court."

Laura W., Records Technician

Records Technician positions are housed within some of the county’s public safety divisions. Duties may include processing police reports and records and reviewing legal documents to ensure that they are accurate and compliant with the law.        

MCSO Records Technician    

Records Technicians for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) maintain corrections records and process inmate records. MCSO Records Technicians will work in jail facilities to take mug shots and process booking. Additional responsibilities for MCSO Record Technicians include regularly communicating with other law enforcement agencies, court staff, inmates and victims.    

Assessment & Taxation Technician    

Assessment & Taxation Technicians provide general administrative, technical and customer service support. Lead Assessment & Taxation Technicians handle complex data systems, challenging customer relation situations and may provide training to team members. Technicians gain an in-depth knowledge of tax codes, county codes and Oregon statutes.     

Program Technician    

Program Technicians provide technical and administrative support within a specific program. Program Technicians may assist professional staff and managers in monitoring programs, evaluating contracts, maintaining program-specific web pages and collecting data.     

Program Coordinator    

You will find Program Coordinators throughout the organization managing the day-to-day happenings of a specialized program. Under general supervision, Program Coordinators may provide technical supervision and leadership to employees and volunteers, help oversee the program budget, monitor program activities and results against objectives, and interact with service providers and program participants.      

Program Specialist    

Program Specialists are viewed as subject matter experts in their area of specialty, with a strong emphasis on policy and program analysis. They help drive initiatives through effective collaboration and facilitation.    

Administrative Analyst    

Administrative Analysts work independently, bringing a blend of office, organizational, analytical and budgeting skills to keep a department or division working smoothly.