Facilities and Trades Careers    

We ensure the safe, smooth operation of every structure Multnomah County owns or leases, from clinics and libraries to bridges, schools, courtrooms and more. While we often work behind the scenes, we play a key role in every service the county provides.    

"We make sure our 100 year old bridges are in top working order. I enjoy being a part of the history of Portland's historic bridges."    

Kevin S., Bridge Maintenance Mechanic  


Facilities Specialist    

"I approach everything I do with a sense of fiduciary responsibility."

Amber Z., Property Manager

Facilities Specialists serve as a focal point within one or more functional areas, including project management, property management, compliance, technical services, energy/utility management, and strategic planning and projects.    
Senior Facilities Specialists work as professional-level consultants. Depending on assignment, employees may be responsible for managing the county's complex portfolio of facilities, serving as the main point-of-contact for operational, emergency, and programmatic issues for clients, vendors, contractors and the public; providing comprehensive project management on complicated projects including project development, planning, design, construction, close-out, and warranty phases; preparing layouts of offices and work areas using computer-aided design (CAD) software; or collaborating with senior managers and decision-makers on strategic planning projects.    

Some of our trade positions:    

Maintenance Specialist    

Maintenance workers perform vital services on county roads and bridges. These positions operate tools, trucks and construction equipment of various sizes.     

Bridge Maintenance Mechanic    

This group of dedicated and skilled employees maintain the county's beautiful system of bridges over the Willamette River. It is their responsibility to ensure the operational reliability of mechanical, electrical, structural and corrosion (paint) systems through the regular maintenance and repair of county bridges.    


With dozens of work locations across the county, our carpenters are always busy building, repairing, remodeling or otherwise maintaining the safety and functionality of the county's many properties.    

HVAC Engineer    

"I wanted to be a part of an organization that is committed to helping people; I wanted to be part of the infrastructure that keeps the systems running behind the scenes to support front-line workers. The HVAC Engineers are responsible for the climate control for all Multnomah County buildings and their tenants. We take pride in keeping the mechanical systems in top operating condition."

Kevin H., HVAC Engineer

Our team of HVAC Engineers troubleshoot, maintain and repair facility mechanical systems: heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection and more.    

Other trades include:    

  • Electronic Services    
  • Alarms    
  • Electrical and Lighting    
  • Property Management    
  • Capital Project Management    
  • Locks    
  • Dispatch/Scheduling