Human Resources Careers    

Our people make all the difference in the services we provide to Multnomah County. Human Resources professionals make sure we hire great employees, offer comprehensive training and growth opportunities, and support the safety, wellness and productivity of our valuable staff.    

"I foresee my future at Multnomah County being limitless because there are tremendous opportunities for me to continue to grow in my career path. I can’t wait to see what else I can contribute that may make a difference to others."   

Vi H., Recruiter  

Some of our positions:    

Human Resources Technician    

Human Resources Technicians support the daily operations of a Human Resources team. Responsibilities vary, but typically include maintaining electronic records and files; responding to common questions from employees; team meeting preparation; and overseeing routine reports and processes.    
Human Resources Analyst    

Entry-level analyst positions involve a blend of technical and analytical skills. Most employees specialize in employee leave coordination, keeping our Human Resources Information System (HRIS) up-to-date; or in benefits administration.     

Depending on the assignment, journey-level analysts may work as generalists or as specialists. For example: recruiters, trainers, Classification/Compensation analysts. In all cases, employees must be able to forge strong working relationships with a diverse network of internal and external contacts; have excellent communication and analytical skills, be driven to meet goals and deadlines, and stay up-to-date on emerging trends and best practices.     

You'll find senior-level Human Resources Analysts within most departments and a number of HR specialties. These advanced professionals are experts when it comes to their field; they are also adept internal consultants.     

Human Resources specialty areas:    

  • Employee Relations and Consultation    
  • Training and Organizational Development    
  • Employee Benefits    
  • Leave Administration    
  • Safety and Risk Management    
  • Diversity and Inclusion    
  • Recruitment    
  • Labor Relations    
  • Classification/Compensation