Are you looking for a way to gain valuable on-the-job experience and training?College to County intern Deiseane (left) and Supervisor Jon (right).

Multnomah County's College to County internship program focuses on recruiting, supervising, and mentoring exceptional interns who will spend their time working on projects, systems, and processes. It fosters an understanding of the many occupations and career paths we have. You'll have the chance to make a difference in your community and make connections with professionals throughout the organization.

As an intern, you will get:

  • Paid 12 week internships working on projects
  • Professional development training
  • Gain knowledge, skills, and abilities required to work in various positions throughout the County 

Applications closed on March 25, 2024


Year Round Internships and Volunteer Opportunities:

Multnomah County Library

The Department of Community Justice

  • Administration                                           • Juvenile Detention
  • Adult Probation and Parole                       • Juvenile Supervision
  • Community Courts                                    • Research and Evaluation
  • Counseling                                                • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice                                            

The Multnomah County Health Department

  • Administration                                        • Infection control      
  • Corrections Health                                 • Maternal Child Health
  • Dental                                                    • Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Finance                                                  • Nursing       
  • Health Inspections                                 • Public Health                    
  • Human resources                                  • Quality

Hear From Our Past Interns

Alex Perez, a past College to County intern talks about his experience from intern to becoming a employee at the County.

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