“I was trained from the ground, starting in the department as an intern with the potential to grow. With experience and after going through extensive training to earn my certification, I've gained confidence that the decisions I’m making are correct and accurate.” 

Cole W., Property Appraiser

Are you looking for a way to gain valuable on-the-job experience and training?

Some of our departments may have current or upcoming internship opportunities.

Learn more:

Multnomah County Library

The Department of Community Justice

The Department of County of Human Services

The Multnomah County Health Department

Multnomah County Library

Multnomah County Library is the oldest public library west of the Mississippi, with a history that reaches back to 1864. As Oregon's largest public library, and the second busiest public library in the nation, Multnomah County Library serves nearly one-fifth of the state's population with a wide variety of programs and services.

Multnomah County Library offers internships, job shadowing and volunteer opportunities. Visit their website to learn more.

The Department of Community Justice

The Department of Community Justice serves a vital role in protecting our public safety and the strength of our communities. We intervene to prevent the recurrence of crime among juvenile and adult defendants and offenders by supervising them and getting them the help they need to change problem behavior. We provide supervision and treatment resources to youth, adults, families, and communities to address the underlying issues and problems that drive crime. Our efforts are guided by a range of supervision, technology, evidence-based strategies to maximize our resources and results.

Our internship program offers students the opportunity to develop professional skills, explore career options and provide valued service to the community.

Internships are available in the areas of:

  • Adult Probation and Parole
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Juvenile Supervision
  • Administration
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Community Courts
  • Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice

Most internships require a minimum of 6 months commitment, working at least 8 hours a week. The application and placement process may take one to two months. Applicants must pass a criminal background investigation. 

Interested in an internship with the Department of Community Justice? Learn more.

The Department of County of Human Services

At the Department of County of Human Services, our team plays a critical role in protecting the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable populations of Multnomah County. Our efforts continue to ensure that critical safety net services are available and individuals and families are supported as they find pathways out of poverty. 

We work to connect seniors, adults with developmental disabilities, domestic violence survivors, veterans, homeless youth, homeless families and people recovering from mental illness and addiction to the services they need. We nurture the potential of children with school-centered programs and onsite food pantries.

Our internship program offers exposure to the complexities and daily operational and service needs of the various programs and diverse clientele we serve. Foundation and advanced level internships offer opportunities to develop or strengthen each person’s abilities. Experience and skills may be gained on information, problem-solving, gaining an understanding of customer needs and barriers, and developing insight into the opportunities and challenges of human services.

The Multnomah County Health Department

Multnomah County Health Department’s vision is: "healthy people in healthy communities." We are nationally recognized and the largest of all the county departments. Our mission is to assure, promote and protect the health of the people of Multnomah County.

Our internship program offers participants the opportunity to experience some of the “real life” challenges of public health, to interact with leading public health professionals and fellow interns/volunteers, and to apply their classroom learning to practical problems. In the process, health department interns will learn new skills and acquire a greater understanding of public health.

Health Department intern candidates are screened for their area of interest, as well as their availability to work. Prior to the intern start date, the Health Department must have a current Learning Contract in place with the school or institution that the intern is enrolled in. 

Candidates interested in working with the Multnomah County Health Department but not enrolled in school are encouraged to explore the available volunteer opportunities.

When applying for intern and volunteer positions, resumes are preferred but not required. 

Interested in internship or volunteer opportunities with the Health Department? Learn more.