Legal Careers

We have legal careers in the District Attorney's Office and in the Multnomah County Attorney's Office. Legal professionals in the District Attorney’s office uphold justice and protect victims, children and other vulnerable members of the community. Internally, experts in the Multnomah County Attorney’s office help meet the legal needs of the organization.      

"It's an honor to work at an organization where the goal each day is to do the right thing for the right reason. It is also incredibly rewarding to hold accountable those who break the law in order to change behavior and keep the community safe."  

Eric C., Deputy District Attorney  

Some of our positions:    

Office Assistant    

Ludmilla E., Office Assistant

Many Legal Assistants and Senior Office Assistants at the District Attorney's Office began their careers in an Office Assistant 2 position. This entry-level position performs a range of clerical duties, including word processing and legal correspondence; retrieving data and maintaining criminal justice databases; reception work; filing; and copying. Staff must be able to work with difficult people in a pleasant and professional manner and maintain confidential information.    

Legal Assistant (Paralegal)    

"It is a privilege being the first person of contact that a potential client or victim will meet."

Nikia P., Legal Assistant

Legal Assistants provide technical legal support to attorneys, either in the District Attorney's Office or the County Attorney's Office.     

Victim Advocate    

Victim Advocates contact, aid, assist and support felony crime victims; investigate and document victim losses; and assist in handling cases of restitution.     

Support Enforcement Agent    

Support Enforcement Agents help establish and enforce child support orders and paternity through administrative and judicial processes in accordance with state and federal laws and rules and District Attorney's Office policies and procedures. Employees monitor and enforce these orders to collect continuing child support payments; and communicate in person or over the phone with parents or their attorneys to exchange information for further case processing.     

District Attorney Investigator    

District Attorney Investigators help Deputy District Attorneys in the prosecution of criminal and civil cases. Employees perform a range of duties that may include fact finding; collecting and preserving evidence; examining records and courtroom testimony; and writing detailed investigative reports. Employees may locate, interview and prepare witnesses, suspects, and others with knowledge about a case.    

Deputy District Attorney    

Deputy District Attorneys evaluate cases and determine the best action to purse on behalf of the District Attorney's Office, including negotiating pleas, trying cases and presenting sentencing recommendations.     

Employment information for Deputy District Attorneys is available through the District Attorney's website.
Assistant County Attorney    

The Office of Multnomah County County Attorney is the county's legal resource center. Our attorneys represent the county in state and federal courts and provide timely legal opinions to internal clients on a range of topics.