Management Careers  

Lead and collaborate with others who share your dedication to public service. From supervising day-to-day operations to overseeing the strategic vision for multiple program areas, our opportunities in management give you the chance to have a lasting impact on your team and on your community.

"The year I began working in administration, we had so many things going on at once: a new software system, a new financial system, moving to a new building, strategic planning, and organizational changes. I often think back to that year, to the decisions made strategically to move the county and our division forward, and how that set the stage for where we are today. My work, and the work of all of my colleagues who worked with me through the same transitions, made a difference then and is still making a difference today. The vision of how better to serve the community inspired us, and propelled us forward. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling journey."

Debra A., Business Services Manager

Some of our positions:    

Operations Supervisor    

"We strive to ensure accessible, safe and functional facilities for the important services Multnomah County provides. We keep the doors open, the lights on and the air flowing."

Liz R., Operations and Maintenance Supervisor

Operations Supervisors directly plan, organize and supervise the work of county employees.     
You'll find Operations Supervisor careers in a range of specialized work areas across the county, including: customer service; dental operations; distribution center operations; medical records; facilities and trades; corrections health; health clinics; library circulation; office support.    

Program Supervisor    

Program Supervisors manage, coordinate and work alongside professional staff. Program Supervisors can be assigned to a small, freestanding program or the subsection of a larger program. Program Supervisors are subject matter experts that are expected to take a “hands on” approach to the specialized work being done within their unit.        

Program Manager    

David B., WIC Program Manager

Program Managers may supervise either multiple programs within a division or one major program that reports directly to a Department Director.     
Program Managers are typically responsible for overseeing their program or programs’ functions, policies and financial management. Program managers may also supervise subordinate managers, professionals and technical staff. Due to the complexity of the work, subject matter expertise may be required for Program Manager positions.    
Management Assistant    

Management Assistants report directly to their Department Director and are members of their department’s executive leadership team. Management Assistants are responsible for complex projects. Work may include acting as a liaison between the Department Director and other county departments, the Board of County Commissioners and external organizations.    


Managers are responsible for supervising the programs and staff assigned to them. Senior-level Managers have a greater scope of responsibility, often overseeing multiple programs.    

Specialty areas:    

  • Administration and Support    
  • Emergency Management    
  • Engineering    
  • Finance    
  • Health    
  • Human Resources    
  • Library    
  • Public Safety    
  • Social Work and Community Services    
  • Trades