Public Health Careers    

We keep our community healthy and provide quality care for people who otherwise might not be able to afford it. We work directly with patients, design and evaluate programs, partner with other agencies to provide comprehensive care, and address public health issues that affect everyone living and working in Multnomah County.    

"I provide health services to diverse populations that may not have the resources to seek care anywhere else. Clients trust me to provide the best care possible to improve their health and quality of life."  
Janet D., Pharmacist  

It's our mission to promote and protect the health of the people of Multnomah County.    

We have an array of careers within the Health Department, all focused on helping residents get the health care they need.     
In order to best reach the diverse populations we serve, the Health Department has primary care clinics, dental clinics, pharmacies and other medical facilities located throughout the Multnomah County region.     
Additionally, we provide specialized programs, such as early childhood services, immunizations, environmental health services and school-based health centers. We continually recruit culturally-competent and/or bilingual staff to support our multicultural clientele.     

Public Health areas of focus:    

  • Education and outreach    
  • Medical, dental and pharmacy    
  • Environmental health    
  • Inspections    
  • Disease outbreak investigation    
  • Policy and research    
  • Emergency preparedness    
  • Health policy and communications