Social Work and Community Services Careers   

We make sure the most vulnerable members of our community have access to the support they need to succeed. Working with seniors, low-income households, people with disabilities, and juveniles and adults on community supervision, we make a difference in people's lives every day.   

"Every day, people in our community are able to access a doctor or buy food because of the work we do. I sleep better at night knowing that I’m a part of that." 

Rochell H., Case Manager 

Some of our positions:   

Case Management Assistant   

Case management assistants provide a range of technical and administrative support to case managers. This work may include maintaining client files; completing paperwork; scheduling doctor or other social service appointments for clients; and providing clients with transportation to and from those appointments.    

Case Manager   

Case managers work directly with clients from vulnerable populations to connect them with available support services. Clients typically include seniors, low income individuals and people with physical or developmental disabilities. Case managers assess the needs of their clients and determine what existing programs those clients qualify for.    
Depending on the classification of the position, case managers may:       

  • Refer clients to doctors, attorneys, community partners or other agencies    
  • Conduct visits to clients’ homes    
  • Provide housing referrals to clients    
  • Monitor clients’ long-term care services   

Human Services Investigator

Human services investigators conduct in-the-field, independent investigations to ensure that human service programs are being delivered to clients and in compliance with the law. Human services investigators must prepare written reports based on their research and make recommendations on how to handle the welfare of clients who have been abused or neglected.    

Mental Health Consultant

Mental health consultants’ work assignments vary greatly within the county. Roles may include:      

  • Responding to incoming calls to the county’s 24/7 mental health crisis line   
  • Providing direct treatment and counseling to clients experiencing mental health challenges    
  • Providing guidance to county programs and outside programs that deliver direct mental health services to clients   
  • Evaluating the work of outside mental health providers under contract with the county   
  • Investigating allegations of abuse by clients receiving care from mental health programs in the community   
  • Documenting and maintaining all client and mental health provider records   

Mental Health Consultants at the county must be a Qualified Mental Health Professional based on relevant Oregon Administrative Rules.   

Community Works Leader

As a Community Works Leader, you will be charged with overseeing the work of adults and youth under the supervision of the Department of Community Justice. These clients are typically required to work in crews, completing various manual labor projects, to fulfill requirements mandated by court order, probation/parole officers or juvenile court counselors. Acting as a mentor and trainer, you will provide valuable guidance to clients, helping them develop safe and proficient work skills.     

Social Work and Community Services Career Specialty Areas:   

  • Human Services   
  • Case Management: Mental Health, Addiction, Aging and Disabilities    
  • Counseling    
  • Basic Skills and General Education Instruction   
  • Program Support