Technology Careers    

Our technology professionals drive innovation, efficiency and cost savings, helping staff across Multnomah County respond effectively to community needs.    

"Using the latest technology allows us to deliver solutions to our customers that improve efficiency, so they can spend more time with their clients and less time sitting in front of a computer."  

Annie H., Senior Business Systems Analyst  

Watch this video to learn more about Annie's work in IT Health Support.

Some of our positions:    

Data Technician    

This entry-level position is all about data: collecting, verifying, entering, updating and otherwise keeping track of information in one or more information systems.    

Data Analyst    

Making sense of data helps us make better decisions. This professional-level position is responsible for the ongoing analysis of information and management of one or more sophisticated data systems. Analysts have technical expertise in data modeling, mining, segmentation and reporting on vast quantities of data combined with strong reporting and presentation skills. Senior positions function as experts with primary technical ownership of a data system for a department.    

Development Analyst    

"As part of the county's IT team, I use cutting-edge technologies to create tools that help the public connect with the services they need."

Arun C., Senior Development Analyst

Development Analysts are technology professionals who thrive in a collaborative environment, developing custom software, using quality assurance and quality control best practices, and staying on top of industry trends to make sure we are delivering the best in technology solutions. Senior positions may lead efforts and bring new technologies to consider as solutions are developed.    

IT Business Consultant (Business Systems Analyst)    

Consultants meet with business teams to understand their needs in order to research and recommend the best technology solutions. Choosing a software solution available in the market or developing a custom solution is an outcome of the evaluation process. Employees may stay with a project from idea to post-implementation support. Senior positions in this series may provide project management or oversee the work of others as needed.    

IT Project Manager    

IT Project Managers usher in change. Following a consistent yet flexible project management methodology, employees work collaboratively with business partners and IT experts to implement new systems, services, and infrastructure that support the work of Multnomah County.    

Specialty Areas:    

  • Development    
  • Coding    
  • Business process design    
  • User support    
  • Technology infrastructure    
  • Analytics    
  • Business intelligence