In February and March, the Joint Office supported the opening of three new affordable housing programs. Some of these units were funded by the Metro Supportive Housing Services (SHS) measure, and some were funded by the Oregon Housing and Community Services Permanent Supportive Housing program. SHS funds will be used for project-based rental assistance, and for coordinated access referrals to these apartments. SHS funds will also be used to support operational costs, flexible client assistance, and staffing to ensure that residents are successful in their new apartments.

Emmons Place Apartment Rendering
Emmons Place Apartments (artist rendering)
Emmons Place is a new building with 48 apartments of permanent supportive housing for people 55 and older in inner Northwest Portland’s Historic Alphabet District. The project prioritizes seniors, veterans, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other Communities of Color, and people with disabilities. All residents are served by Northwest Housing Alternative’s onsite resident services coordinator, with additional services provided by Northwest Pilot Project and Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA).

Hattie Redmond Apartments
Hattie Redmond Apartment building
Hattie Redmond is a new building with 60 studio apartments in the Kenton Neighborhood of North Portland. This neighborhood is part of Albina, the historic center of Portland’s Black/African American community. All units in the building are permanent supportive housing (PSH) targeted to individuals who have experienced homelessness and seek culturally specific services for African Americans, with the goal of reconnecting displaced residents to the Albina community. On-site services are provided by the Urban League of Portland.

Douglas Fir Apartments (artist rendering)
Douglas Fir Apartments (artist rendering)
Douglas Fir is a new building with 15 apartments in East Portland for people experiencing serious mental illness symptoms and homelessness. New Narrative (formerly Luke-Dorf) owns and operates the site, and they have partnered with NARA to prioritize people receiving their services. All of these programs will serve our most vulnerable community members who have experienced homelessness, have one or more disabling conditions, and are living with little to no income. The program design of these projects aligns with feedback from our community members, service providers, and people that have experienced homelessness. It also aligns with the goals of the Metro Supportive Housing Services measure, which requires that 75% of funds are devoted to this population.

Please join our office in expressing gratitude to all of the frontline service staff, housing developers, service providers, architects, construction firms, and everyone else that has contributed to the opening of these projects. For questions about unit availability and leasing:

Emmons Place - Northwest Housing Alternatives

Hattie Redmond - Home Forward

Douglas Fir - New Narrative