On June 22, 2022 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a Supplemental Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to Address Unsheltered Homelessness. Through this NOFO, our community is eligible for $8.3 million over a 3-year grant period. This Notice of Funding Opportunity, often referred to as the 'Special NOFO,' is an additional funding opportunity that is running in tandem to the regular FY22 Continuum of Care Program Competition. See Continuum of Care Funding Opportunity for more information regarding the 'Regular NOFO.' The local competition deadline for new project pre-applications is September 16, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST. The deadline for submitting applications to HUD is 5:00 PM PST October 20, 2022. 

CoC Special NOFO Consolidated Application for Public Review 

As required by HUD, the CoC Consolidated Application—including the CoC Collaborative Application and the CoC Priority Listing—is publicly posted at least 2 days before the 2022 CoC NOFO application submission deadline. This application will be submitted to HUD no later than October 30, 2022 at 4:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. With questions or comments, please contact Alyssa Plesser at alyssa.plesser@multco.us or call 971-421-9766. 

  CoC Collaborative Application (4.06 MB)

  CoC Priority Listing (536.66 KB)

CoC Special NOFO Accepted Project Application & Ranked Project Application 

The Collaborative Application Committee met on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 to select project proposals to put forward to HUD under the 2022 CoC Supplemental NOFO to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness (Special NOFO). The committee used the criteria and process described in the 2022 Special NOFO Application Guidance and the 2022 Special NOFO Project Solicitation

Special NOFO Accepted Project Application (124.54 KB)

Special NOFO CoC Ranked Project List (112.67 KB) 

The Joint Office of Homeless Services will post all 2022 CoC Supplemental NOFO resources and updates here. If you have questions or need any of these materials translated into another language, please contact Alyssa Plesser at alyssa.plesser@multco.us


2022 Special NOFO Project Budget (14.71 KB) 

Local Competition Timeline: 

  • August 25: Local Project Solicitation Released 
  • August 30: New Project Orientation 
  • September 16: New Project Pre-Applications Due 
  • October 4: Projects Notified and Ranking Posted 
  • October 10: Local applications due in e-snaps 
  • October 11-13: Organizations available for editing e-snaps applications 
  • October 14: Final e-snaps submission 
  • October 17: Consolidated Application Posted to JOHS Website 
  • October 20: Consolidated Applications Posted submitted to HUD in e-snaps 

New Project Orientation 

 Special NOFO New Project Orientation Slide Deck (768.04 KB)

 Special NOFO New Project Orientation Recording .mp4

Special NOFO FAQ - Coming Soon 

General Resources for Applying: 

2022 CoC Special NOFO Summary  (305.94 KB)

2022 Multnomah Special NOFO Timeline (97.51 KB) 

2022 Special NOFO Project Guidance (559.27 KB)

2022 Special NOFO Project FAQ (134.73 KB)

HUD Resources: 

HUD Special NOFO Website

E-SNAPS Guidance- Zip file containing eight documents on using e-snaps, the electronic CoC Program Application and Grants Management System that HUD uses to support the program funding application and grant awards process.

2022 HUD Social NOFO New Project Application Detailed Instructions  (2.47 MB)

Ask a question to HUD: email SpecialCoCNOFO@hud.gov