Multnomah County and the City of Portland fund year-round shelters for people experiencing homelessness. As of March 2022, shelters in Multnomah County have room for roughly 1,600 people a night, in motel shelters, traditional shelters, and village-style shelters.

Shelters are low-barrier, welcoming couples, pets and personal belongings, and without requirements that someone must be in recovery before receiving a safe, warm and dry place to sleep.

Shelters are open 24 hours and available via reservation, meaning people seeking shelter don't have to line up day after day to find and then keep a bed. Most shelters also now offer access to meals, laundry, showers, classrooms and other amenities. And shelters, unlike in years past, are available and open all across the community.

Click here for an interactive map that shows nearly 30 Joint Office of Homeless Services-supported shelters, including shelters opened during COVID-19, and the City of Portland's Safe Rest Villages sites.

The map also allows you to toggle back and forth so you can compare the current map to a shelter map from 2015, when the community had just a fraction of the beds and shelter options currently available now. Some shelter sites, including domestic violence shelter sites, are not shown for privacy and safety reasons.

For additional information about accessing shelters, call 2-1-1 or go to