Reallocation is a process that CoCs use to shift funds in whole or part from existing eligible renewal projects to create one or more new projects without decreasing the CoC’s Annual Renewal Demand (the amount of renewal funding we are eligible to apply for in a given year). HUD prioritizes funding for CoC’s that demonstrate the ability to reallocate resources to higher performing projects. Our CoC did not reallocate any funds during the 2021 solicitation process. 

Here are more details about the OR-501 Portland/Gresham/Multnomah County Continuum of Care 2022 CoC Reallocation Process:  2022 CoC Reallocation Process (145.17 KB)

Important Due Dates for 2022 Local Competition: 

  • August 9th: New Project Orientation
  • August 17th: CoC grantees complete the 2022 AHFE CoC Renewal Project Survey and 2022 CoC Renewal Project operating Budget
  • August 23rd: New Projects due to Collaborative Applicant 
  • August 31st: Survey Renewal Project e-snaps applications due 
  • September 13th: Ranked list of projects posted 
  • September 15th: New project e-snaps applications due 
  • September 19th-21st: All project applicants available to make edits to e-snaps applications 
  • September 23rd: All project final e-snaps submission 
  • September 27th: JOHS to publicly post the Consolidated Application
  • September 30th: Consolidated Application Due