Case Number

T2-2021-14361 Notice of Public Hearing (505.45 KB)

T2-2021-14361 Notice of Public Hearing - Continuance (505.71 KB)

Hearing Date: September 10, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.; Continuance October 8, 2021 @ 9:00 a.m.

Proposal: The Appellant in the above case has appealed the Planning Director’s Decision for Lot of Record Verification.

Public Participation Information: The hearing has concluded.

Written Comments: The public comment period closed October 22,2021 @ 12 p.m. 

Written Comments may may be sent via email to sends e-mail), or via U.S. mail to:

Multnomah County Land Use Planning Division
1600 SE 190th Ave
Portland OR 97233

Questions: Any questions about the online hearing may be submitted via the methods listed above, or by phone at (503) 988-3043. 


T2-2021-14361 Exhibit List 10.08.21 (221.23 KB)

Exhibit A.1- General Application form (1.18 MB)

Exhibit A.2- Title Records Report from Ticor Title (171.66 KB)

Exhibit A.3 Bargain and Sale Deed April 11, 1968 (1.73 MB)

Exhibit A.4- Transfer on Death Deed Sept. 10, 2018 (1.16 MB)

Exhibit A.5- Toll form accepted (343.15 KB)

Exhibit A.6- Amended General Application form to include map tax-lot (2N1W21-01200) (469.91 KB)

Exhibit A.7- Michael Robideau Permission Letter for Mabel Dudley Estate tax-lot #1200 (152.37 KB)

Exhibit B.1- DART property information tax-lot (2N1W21-01100) (354.78 KB)

Exhibit B.2 - 1962 zoning map for (2N1W21-01100) (343.4 KB)

Exhibit B.3 Parcel Record Card for tax-lot (2N1W21-01100) (1.6 MB)

Exhibit B.4 Deed- April 12, 1962 (355.91 KB)

Exhibit B.5 Deed March 12, 1968 (272.27 KB)

Exhibit B.6-DART property information tax-lot (2N1W21-01200) (308.52 KB)

Exhibit B.7- Parcel Record card for tax-lot (2N1W21-01200) (949.19 KB)

Exhibit B.8- Deed description for tax-lot (2N1W21-01200) (473.54 KB)

Exhibit B.9 Probate Department, Order Distribution Book 1251, Page 615 (1.97 MB)

Exhibit B.10- Map showing contiguous property ownerships for tax lots adjacent to 2N1W21-01100 (184.35 KB)

Exhibit C.1- T2-2021-14361 Complete Letter (116.74 KB)

Exhibit C.2- T2-2021-14361 OTC 04.02.2021 (656.7 KB)

Exhibit C.3- T2-2021-14361 NOD 08.06.2021 (746.61 KB)

Exhibit D.1- T2-2021-14361 Notice of Appeal 08192021 (1.55 MB)

Exhibit D.2- T2-2021-14361 Notice of Public Hearing 08.19.2021 (590.71 KB)

Exhibit D.3 - Appellant Letter to Hearings Officer re- Public Hearing Notice (93.7 KB)

Exhibit D.4- T2-2021-14361 Re-Notice of Public Hearing 09.13.2021 (520.51 KB)

Exhibit H.1- 2n1w21 Tax Map. (365.84 KB)

Exhibit H.2 - Cert of Death 2019-130476_Redacted (206.77 KB)

Exhibit H.3- 1966 A&T Map & 10.5.77 Zoning Map for 2n1w21b (267.5 KB)

Exhibit H.4- 1978 Tax Map 2n1w15_16_21_22 (277.32 KB)

Exhibit H.5- 2n1w21b 77-10-6 (180.64 KB)

Exhibit H.6- 1977-9-6 EFU Code (1.14 MB)

Exhibit H.7- Zoning Ord Lot Sizes 1964-6-18 (68.62 KB)

Exhibit H.8- Zoning Ord Lot Sizes 1968-5-21 (73.02 KB)

Exhibit H.9- Order Distribution Records Revised (4 MB)

Exhibit H.10- T2-2021-14361 Staff Memorandum (636.78 KB)

Exhibit H.11 Zoning Districts 1964-6-18 (327.2 KB)

Exhibit H.12- Bybee DLC Information (342.4 KB)

Exhibit H.13- Miller Poehler Decision (6.9 MB)

Exhibit H.14- Mult Co Map 2N1W21 (251.81 KB)

Exhibit H.15- Lot 1200 Area Map (275.23 KB)

Exhibit I.1- Appellant Letter to the Hearings Officer 10.14.2021 (114.01 KB)

Exhibit I.2- T2-2021-14361 Staff Memorandum 10.22.2021 (334.92 KB)

Exhibit I.3- Email Discussion between DSL & LUP 10.21.2021 (296.38 KB)

Exhibit I.4- Appellant Letter to the Hearings Officer 10.22.2021 (137.29 KB)

Exhibit I.5 - T2-2021-14361 Appellant Declaration with Exhibits (17.49 MB)