Case Number ZV-2021-14224 (356.93 KB)

Hearing Date: August 13, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.; Continuance: August 20, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

Proposal: Violation of Multnomah County Code Chapter 39 on property zoned Commercial Forest Use (CFU-4), including: 1) Failure to comply with the Stop work Order, 2) Non- permitted ground disturbing activity and construction work within SE Pounder Road public right-of-way adjacent to the property directly impacting the ability of a County culvert to properly function, 3) Failure to obtain permits from the County’s Land Use Planning (LUP) office to resolve the violations either by authorizing the non-permitted development or restoring the impacted properties to their pre-development condition.

Public Participation Information: The Hearing has concluded. 

ZV-2021-14224 HO Order (232.23 KB)

ZV.2021-14224--FINAL Staff Report (158.56 KB)

ZV.2021-14224--FINAL NOV Exhibit Log (44.65 KB)

EX 1 - Complaint Intake Form_Staff Photos_Property Details (3.43 MB)

EX 2 SWO issued 4.28.20 (2.01 MB)

EX 3 Inspection reports and photos (3.26 MB)

EX 4 SWO posted 1.8.21 (3.75 MB)

EX 5 Failure to comply to SWO. ZV-2021-14224 opened (54.24 MB)

EX 6 Email and photos [Neighbors, complainants] (1.08 MB)

EX 7 Aerial Photos (1.76 MB)

EX 8 NOV Mailed (3.01 MB)

EX 9 James Turner Road Maint. Email with photos (2.02 MB)

EX 10 Appeal (1.67 MB)

EX 11 Vera Jagendorf Pictures (54.82 MB)

EX 12 Victoria Cloud Sears Photos (16.2 MB)

EX 13 Phone and complaint log (601.34 KB)

EX 14 Enforcement Code Rules (3.15 MB)

EX 15 Transportation Photos A-H (7.12 MB)

EX 16 Declaration of County Engineer (3.69 MB)

EX 8-R NOV 03.03.21 (791.65 KB)

EX H-1 Vera Jagendorf Letter 8.16.21 (796.4 KB)